Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Moons...

We made a larger version of our moon work to hang in our classroom. The "moons" are made from the cardboard packaging from precooked pizza crusts from our grocery store. The oil left from the bread on the cardboard made a crater-like effect for a more realistic moon. The blue shadows were made from left over wallpaper. The children enjoy laying on the floor staring up at the moons or reflecting from our breathing room loft with a great view of the moons.

A family in our school gave us this calendar. The calendar comes in four sheets and is broken up by seasons. The stars, cycles of the moon, and ecological highlights of the seasons are emphasized along with marking for traditional days and months. The calendars are beautiful. I think every Montessori classroom should have one.

Since my picture really doesn't do it justice check out their website at

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