Monday, March 9, 2009

Land Forms

Our children are fascinated by geography. They really enjoy learning the terminology of land forms...lake, island, gulf, peninsula, strait, isthmus, cape, bay.

I used oven baked clay to shape the land forms in small bread pans.

A vinyl mat for work, laminated cards for labels, a pitcher for water, eye dropper of blue food coloring to color water, a sponge and rag for clean up.


Making of a Montessori Mum said...

Hi there - really enjoy your ideas and am awarding you the fabulous Kreativ Blogger award. can see more details at my blog (

Thanks heaps! Always come away motivated with new Montessori ideas.

Namaste Montessori School said...

Thanks for the support! As the saying goes...
"It takes a brave parent to raise a Montessori child."
Really enjoyed your blog as well and plan to follow.

Kathy said...

Great Idea! Are you baking the
clay right in the pans?
These forms are usually so
expensive, aren't they?
The nice part about this
idea is that the children
could make their own mini
landforms and bake them.
I'd love to share your pix
of this on my blog with your
permission. (giving your blog
and pix credit, of course)
I am going to
do a blurb about landforms
and cards and their place
in the Montessori cirriculum.
Off you know anyone
who does extensions with the
constructive triangles?

Angela said...

Hello, I love the land form idea, could you post what the name of the clay is as well as where you bought the pans. They don't look like the cheap metal ones in the stores. I've recently discovered your post and I love it! Thanks!!