Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back from Break ...

I spent most of our spring vacation as unplugged as possible. I am slowly easing back into a regular routine. Here are some activity pictures snapped just before break.

Collage materials with the last remnants of winter...


Phenomes and spelling work.

The sound /n/ is typically spelled in two ways n or kn.

The drawer is filled with samples of words with the sound /n/ spelled both ways.
No and Know, Not and Knot, Now and Knit, etc.

So far I've put out:


/n/ --n or kn

/c/ --k, c, or ck

/f/-- f or ph

/sh/ --sh, ti, ci

/g/ or /j/-- g

/n/ or /ng/ --ng

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Kathy said...

Your blog looks great!
I just found it...nice
photos of excercises you
just set up. I started
my Montessori blog over at I am wanting to connect to other montessori
bloggers...what's the process here? I am new to
the blog world, but have
been doing Montessori since 1993.