Thursday, January 26, 2012

Moons and bunnies...

In honor of Chinese New Year's we are beginning to study the moon and soon the planets!

With this material, children follow the guide above and color in the phases of the moon.

This material has large moons with all the phases. The control of error is on the back to make sure the child has the moons in order. With this work, the children learn the concepts of waxing and waning moons.

Some of you have met our bunny, Snowbell. She loves her new home and has made a second home under our pink tower!

This material has a few steps to follow: trace, rip tissue paper and crumble up, and glue. Children need to take their time to fill up the whole bunny outline with tissue paper.

Rabbit 3 part cards. We have been exploring different rabbit breeds. This material shows only 8 rabbits, but we know there are MANY more. We used to have a Flemish Giant named Bumpkins. RIP Bumpkins.


Meiko Nevels said...

I love the basket with the moon phases!!! I can't wait to put this out on my shelf. Did you make the description page or did you find it on a site? I would love to read how you worded the moon phases explanation.

nicollaw said...

I love this job. We are in the middle of teaching the about the planets. We are adding the moon counts of the different planets now. Great idea with the moons cards with the rocks for counting. I find this so fascinating and you did a great job with the moon phases. I want to do that as well as the stars cards. Great ideas! Could you send me any information on how you made the moon phases and For my scientific year end curriculum I chose rabbits so I also made 3 part cards on 8 different rabbits.,(finishing my accredidation at UCI, Irvine) I would be interested in talking with you about different jobs and sharing as well with you if you are so inclined. I just love This work. A child can not get a better education than montessori 3-6. I love my job and kids