Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stringing and Sewing Work

Stringing large wooden beads and practicing sewing cards are wonderful ways to prepare for more advanced sewing activities.

Necklace Making:

This is just a simple braclet or necklace making work using hemp cord and pony beads from a craft store.

Puppet Making:

This puppet sewing activity includes two pieces of felt puppet shapes with holes punched evenly around the edge, a pre-threaded darning needle with yarn, and eyes & scraps of fabric to be glued on for adornement. We have a supply box on the shelf where the activity is kept so that after a child completes the activity they can restock the tray with supplies for the next person.

This button sewing activity is a little more challenging than the puppet making because there are no pre-punched holes and an embroidery hoop is introduced as a tool. A box with supplies is kept next to the activity for restocking the supplies.

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