Friday, November 28, 2008

Food Preparation

It is an empowering experience to prepare and eat your own food. Food preparation activities incorporate life skills and self care, strengthen ability to follow multi-step directions, develop fine motor skills, social skills, and good manners. Always make sure children wash hands thouroughly before beginning to work.

Peanut Cracking Work. A yummy snack while practicing the fine motor skill of twisting a nut cracker. Shells are stored in small bowl and emptied into the compost at the end of the activity.

Orange Juice Squeezing Work. Requires fine and large motor skills as well as the coordinated movement of pressing and twisting. Container of freshly squeezed juice is poured into a glass in our snack area for drinking, skins are composted, and tools are washed by the child and set up for the next person when finished.

Banana Slicing Work. The child peels and slices the banana into small disks. Toothpicks are then inserted into each slice for serving to friends. Child carries the prepared slices around the classroom and politely offers and serves the snack to friends hors d'ouerves style. "Would you like a banana?"

Toast and Butter Work. Child toasts bread in a toaster, removes hot bread with plastic tongs, butters the slice on a snack plate, cleans work area for the next child, and sits down to eat toast.


Amber said...

Hello! I've just discovered this blog tonight and am very pleased as a homeschooling Montessorian! I am just wondering if you let all of the children use the toaster and do you have to oversee its' use? I'm thinking of my just-3 year old at home. Although I am open to most independent activities I'm not sure about the toaster! What if they put other things in it?!

Can't wait to read more. Thanks so much for offering what you do :)

montessori workjobs said...

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Thank you for your ideas hope to check in for more nuggets of ideas. :]