Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quick and Easy Holiday Crafts

Last January I purchased a large bag of white, green and red pipe cleaners for pennies (found on the craft store discount rack). Casey, one of our teacher's at Namaste, discovered the bag when searching through our teacher's supply closet and came up with simple and fun holiday craft ideas.

Candy Cane Work
Simple directions: Twist a red and white pipe cleaner together and bend into a candy cane shape.
The children were so excited about this work they pretended they were working in a candy cane factory. They made so many candy canes they decided to open a candy cane store for parents and visitors to the school.
Pipe Cleaner Wreath
From a scrap of cardboard (we used cracker boxes) cut an O shaped piece of cardboard about 3 inched in diameter. We pre-cut these shapes for the children because cutting out the middle of the O's was a bit tricky.
Wrap green pipe cleaners around the cardboard O. Three or four should cover it.
Glue a red bow on the top.
Add a ribbon loop to hang the wreath as an ornament or glue a magnet on the back to stick it on something metal.

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M. Kavanagh said...

What cute ideas! And it is so very nice of you to share them. It isn't easy finding simple, yet useful projects that the children can work on by themselves. How perfectly Montessori.