Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some popular works on our shelves in the primary room right now...

Air, Land, Water work...a classic Water color painting with a masking tape resist: first make a design with masking tape on water color paper, paint over tape onto paper, let painting dry, and remove tape to reveal design.

Marble painting: place three drops of each color of paint onto paper in tray, spoon marble into tray, tilt tray to roll marble through the paint, marble will leave a trail of paint to create an abstract design, remove painting and hang to dry, clean tray and marble, return to shelf.

Using a scale to weigh miniature vegetables has been very popular; A simple transfer work for our youngest students while our older fives and sixes are working on estimation, weight, addition, and more.

An extension for the hundred board (my Mom's idea, thanks Mom!). I cut 10 small 1/2" slits on each side of a piece of cardboard (recycled), the child wraps yard around the cardboard to create a 10x10 grid, and fills in each square with a number to create their own hundred board.

Tying small pieces of yarn on a mesh grid to create a small rug...

Sewing a button onto a thin netting fabric (tulle)--great for seeing through to the other side and watching the needle as it moves through.

Sewing buttons onto felt hearts and then stitching two hearts together to make a small pillow.


Aly in Va said...

I really like the last two sewing activities...we really need to increase the opportunities for handwork with my oldest.

Di said...

I just found your blog and I love it! My hat is off to you! Way to go! We have a "Montessori inspired" home school... check us out sometime at: http://sowing3seeds.blogspot.com/

I use Montessori math, LA, practical life, and sensory work and then supplement with a lit. based program called Five in a Row. I eagerly look forward to reading more from your blog!

jojoebi said...

Great post, I will be linking. If you don't want to be featured please let me know.

The Sunshine Crew said...

Great ideas.
Think that my sons will love doing the mini rug one.
Thank you for sharing.
Have a happy weekend,