Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring Practical Life Activities

I apologize for not posting in a while, sometimes my life as director, teacher, mother, wife, friend, educational consultant/speaker, artist, and writer (not necessarily in order of importance) gets a little out of balance and things, like this blog, slip through the cracks. Thanks for being so supportive and patient with my posts.

I thought I'd start back this month with some basic Practical Life activities on our shelves now for children ages 2 years old through 6 years old.

Here's some of what's on our shelves right now (a little out of order because the blog up-loader had a mind of it's own this evening):

Using a plunge-type measuring device to transfer water: Using a baster to transfer water:

Using a funnel to transfer water:

Simple spooning, one-to-one:

Spooning and sorting:

Advanced exploration of color mixing (follows a series of lessons on basic color mixing): Tonging stones between containers:

Cute little bunny containers used to hold sand for scooping:

Soap grating for making our own laundry detergent:

Penny polishing (we used baking soda and water as a polish):

Using a strainer to strain glass stones from water into a bowl:

Pouring water through a saltshaker tops (makes a cool sprinkling sound) into a pitcher. child must unscrew top to pour water back in...pouring and twisting, two skills in one activity:

More challenging one-to-two pouring activity with clear containers and syrup pitcher:

One-to-two pouring activity with opaque containers:

Simple one-to-one pouring with clear containers:

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